Shalom Retreat

co-led by Chris Spicer and guest leaders

Calling people to be conscious, loving and fully alive!

How can you break free from relationship conflicts, find emotional healing, and reconnect to your sources of aliveness, wellness and love?

A Shalom Retreat is an experience of touching deeply within and re-connecting with our true essence.  It is an intensive process that helps us break through the blocks to our life energy so we can feel alive again – to newly discover our whole selves – body, mind, soul and spirit.  Come join us in a 3-day intensive that will open you to step more joyously, passionately, and fully into the world.

IMG_7189Our retreats are for those ready to break free of old patterns of behaviors that are no longer working. While personal growth is a lifelong process, many folks come to take a new and extraordinary step towards emotional healing and awakening their hearts and minds. At the right kind of event, rapid, real change is possible that simply can’t happen otherwise. In a safe, loving, small group environment, away from our everyday life, we can connect with the core feelings and beliefs that hold us back. We can transform our old story into a new one.

What happens in a Shalom Retreat?

The retreat takes place within a circle of 6 – 10 people. Each phase of the workshop is carefully designed to encourage participants to connect with their own internal resources for healing and wisdom. The group support accelerates the healing and awakening process for each person. The power of intentional loving creates a strong, safe container for people to do their own work. In that way, we can get a huge amount of work done in very short time.

The experience includes these elements:

  • Skilled and compassionate leadership.
  • Experiential exercises grounded in Western psychology, including Gestalt, Core Energetics, role-playing and story telling.
  • Focused time for your own personal work with the retreat leader.
  • A community where each person is held with respect and love.
  • A reverence for spirit and the mystical journey.

Shalom Retreats were developed by Jerry and Elisabeth Jud, in 1969, as a process for exploring the transformative power of loving community. Shalom Mountain continues to offer a variety of programs at their Retreat Center in Livingston Manor, NY.