Primary Components of a Pathways Home Retreat

We’ll each collect and re-vision our Story.

We are an outer story:

Friend, child, parent, partner, community or neighborhood member, worker, player, dancer, builder, singer, reader, writer, walker, and so much more. If working well, this outer identity in the world keeps us safe, directed, and fulfilled.

We are an inner story:

A collection of inner mind, emotion, heart, and soul that makes us unique.  We know ourselves well here – but often we have forgotten the deeper layers of this “inner me.”  And yet, the more we have lost this awareness, the farther we have gone adrift of our best self.

We’ll collect some fundamental understandings necessary for the Journey

Integral Alive Quadrants. Click to enlarge.

Integral Alive Quadrants. Click to enlarge.

If part of our challenge in the time of maturing adulthood is the result of getting distracted, forgetful or, just off-track, then we can reach for all the strategies that have made a difference before – and new ones we haven’t discovered.  These include:

  1. Re-assessing our needs. The primary ones we work with include love or belonging, power or self-worth, freedom or choice, and fun or learning. How need-fulfilling are our life patterns, activities, and inner life?
  2. Re-activating our whole selves. We re-examine, and commit to a more balance life that nurtures body, mind, soul and spirit.

We’ll clear a path for working with intentions, practice, and change.

At the heart of our time together, we re-examine the nature of personal change – and its challenging cousin, resistance – in our lives. How do we create the conditions for the best chance at achieving some kind of re-alignment?

  1. Based on the explorations described above, we begin to design new and/or enhanced practices toward that more balanced and need-fulfilling life – integral life, as we will call it. Practices build our muscles and so support re-discovering and living out this newly reclaimed self.
  2. We identify and commit to support from others for our individual work. We don’t change very well by ourselves.  By linking up with practice partners, groups, and on-line forums, we’ll create the support needed to carry on our personal work after the retreat is over.