What you’ll do on retreat

The retreat will combine activities that ask us to reflect on, express and share who we are, what we’re up to, where we’re stuck, and how we might playfully re-balance, or “re-align” the way we’re living our lives. We’ll use different activities to express and share what we know, what’s working, what’s not, and consider what steps are being called to take next.  A Pathways Home retreat recognizes that, having traversed the first half of life, we already carry much wisdom and experience.  We’re not starting over.  And yet its all new. This becomes even more of a valuable resource when we put it together with a fellow group of learners.

The week includes these elements:

  • One week of living together: working, playing, nourishing, resting, and celebrating.
  • Daily time for solitude, small group work, and full group activities; a mix of structured time, and open, free time.
  • Each day provides the chance to engage in activities that create an experiential mix of doing, thinking, feeling, and sensing. We’ll pay particular attention to letting our body lead – through art, music, dance, yoga, walking in nature. Through this “body-mind,” we’ll  “tune” our thinking mind through meditation, writing, and dialogue.IMG_7343
  • We’ll explore deeper realms of soul and spirit, gently probing the darker sides that get in the way of being fully who we are. Experienced teachers and leaders will lead us in exercises and processes to support our self-assessment, and “re-alignment. They will encourage each participant to push their learning edges into our “uncomfortable zone,” those places in our psyche that we have hidden away.
  • We’ll gradually build a practice program to take home as a key aspect of keeping our work alive. Your practice program will likely include things you already do, incorporate new ones, and especially provide a way to re-connect with your inner self on a daily basis.