Pathways Home Integral Coaching

We’re all on the path.  Back home. Back to our authentic self – after being stretched and buffeted by the busy, demanding, sometimes painful, yet beautiful lives we live in the world out there.  The farther we go in our journey, the more we learn and grow – and yet, the more complicated and difficult it gets. Inevitably, we get stuck, crash, lose our way or just know things have to change.

Are you in such a place? Not being who you know you are? Not doing enough of the things that you know it is yours to do?  Have uncertain or upsetting experiences pushed you closer to edges of anxiety, fear, anger, or numbness?

Or, perhaps, recent experiences have inspired and charged you, bringing you a new awakening that you know you need to nurture and sustain in your life?

Chris Spicer offers Pathways Home Integral Coaching to support the change you want and need. Pathways Home is a process to help you assess what’s going on, identify aspects of yourself that need clearing and growing, and chart a set of practices to put you on the next phase of your path. The appreciated and the not so appreciated parts of you – all are welcome and important at the Guesthouse.

Pathways Home Integral Coaching draws on these elements:

An integral guide.

Integral coaching draws on a map of human development that integrates multiple aspects of your being:  1) our inner “me” life, including our thoughts, feelings, values and beliefs, stories, and other parts of you one can not physically see; 2)  the outer “me,” our physical and subtle “bodies” which includes all that we see as well as the blood, tissues, muscles, and bones within; and 3) our relational world including the shared “space” of partners, family, communities, and culture; and 4) our surrounding environment, both the natural and man-made organizations, structures, and systems.

Befriending your darkness through embodied learning.

Being stuck, or in pain, is often triggered by a relatively recent experience or person in your life. But it is likely fueled by deeper unresolved aspects of your inner self. To learn more about that deeper, often painful place, we start by listening to the wisdom of the body. Pathways Home Coaching uses techniques from Core Energetics to locate and then begin to heal those hidden places.

Committing to integral practice: body, mind, soul, and spirit.

Ultimately, the work we need to do is the work of change. While the mind often leads, it often gets us in trouble, forgetting the rest of who we are. Sustainable change requires working with our whole being. We work with the body –  where negative emotions are tucked away; We attune to the guidance of our heart and daily emotions, especially as they come alive in our relationships; We commit to listening to the energy and spirit which is bigger than our individual self. Then, having enlivened and focused our full selves, we find the mind a more effective and caring part of us.

Nurturing sustainable support for your work.

Learning and change come about most effectively and sustainably in concert with others. We don’t do very well on our own.  The Guesthouse is committed to providing that support – through an ongoing connection with Chris – and by working intentionally with people already in your life, or others on a similar path.  We look for people and practice structures that lend support, resources, inspiration, and love.

Part therapy, part workshop, and part personal coaching, Pathways Home Coaching puts you in the drivers seat and offers the fuel to help you keep going.

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