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Chris Spicer brings 40 years as a holistic educator, counselor, coach, and consultant. His teaching and coaching brings a “whole person” approach to learning and change, with particular attention to that part of our self beyond the mind – our physical, emotional and spiritual beings.

With a particular interest in Integral Theory, a model and map of human growth and evolution developed through the study and writings of Ken Wilber, he has completed the Integral Studies Certificate program through Fielding University, studied with Terry Patten through his Integral Spiritual Practice coursework, and Certificate training as an Associate Coach with Integral Coaching Canada.

Chris has completed the Advanced Retreat Leadership Training at Shalom Mountain Conference and Retreat Center in Livingston Manor, NY, and is certified in Reality Therapy/Choice Theory with the William Glasser Institute. He has also completed a 2-year certificate training in Core Energetics with Karyne Wilner in Middletown, RI.  He is a student of Mondo Zen – a practice that uniquely brings emotional work to traditional Zen meditation – and studied, along with other integral coaches, with Doshin Michael Nelson Roshi of Zen Hollow Bones. He has long-standing contemplative practices (meditation and yoga) and is trained in advance second degree Reiki through the John Harvey Grey Center for Reiki Healing.

He has been teaching and coaching leadership and communication skills in workplace settings through the UMass/Amherst Labor/Management Workplace Education Program for the past 15 years. The great outdoors, music, and community have been cornerstones of his life. He is father to two beautiful daughters who are busy launching their own independent pathways home.

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